Tuesday, September 25, 2007

one last cliche blog post

i'm sure most of you are aware that spank rock is currently teaming up with benny blanco for his new (and from the looks of it, is being funded by trojan condom's ad dollars...) bangers & cash ep coming out early october. i'm not posting today to talk about an ep everyone already knows about and has all the leaked tracks for already, but to shine light on an amazing mixtape by the guys working the magic on spank rock's beats, ronnie darko and chris devlin called fabricdead 33.3 spoofing the popular fabriclive mixtape they had released a few monthes back. it dropped on fully fitted about a month ago in limited 1000 copy release; pick it up now because supplies are almost gone. here are a couple sample tracks.

to all my friends from bikeguide; this is old-old fucking news but i never read this thread until the other day. if you've got an hour to kill and want to laugh your ass off, read the first 20 pages or so of this thread.

this might be my last post on this blog. things are up in the air about where i'm going for my next shitty/half-ass'd internet production. keep an eye out, guaranteed to please.

Friday, August 17, 2007

back on oinks

while on a search to find tickets to a midnight showing of superbad for midnight last night, i came across a short film micheal cera of arrested development plays another awkward teenager picking up his date to the dance. darling darling is available to $2 on itunes. i registered my forth oinks account the other day. it feels pretty good to be back, i've already racked up half a gig downloaded. here's a few good tracks that has made music fun for me again.

andrew jackson jihad - fuck white people
flosstradamus - k.west's overnight celebrity RMX
beirut - transatlantique

how does everyone feel about gold?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

very amazing...

SO I know you've been seeing a lot of videos here, but man, this video blew me away. So check it out (especially if you are a fan of Daniel Johnston).

Sunday, August 5, 2007

some great videos

i've been a pretty big fan of la blogotheque's take away shows ever since their arcade fire episode (i've posted it before, go find it.) here are a couple of my favorite ones out of the collection.

architecture in helsinki feat. a small crowd of their fans performing heart it races. they make pretty solid conga line and march through downtown paris too.

the national performing ada in the perpignan mountains. the girls dancing are a little much, i mean i'm sure their merch girl is hot, but that doesn't mean i want to watch her dance with one of those annoyingly big scarves for five and half minutes.

of montreal with axe riverboy stumbling the alleys behind their show slurring the words to the zombies' care of cell 44, possibly the most covered song in the world, but i still love it every time. then into another very well covered song, bowie's starman.

one of the best ones, in my humble opinion. grizzly bear's bathtub version of shift. they also do a acapella version of the knife that's worth checking out.

kočani orkestar with help from zach condon performing siki, siki baba. if the song sounds familiar it might be because it was featured on the borat soundtrack.

Monday, July 30, 2007

if we need any more reasons to love Kanye

SO as you know, we here at SITBR love the work of the Young Jeezy himself, KANYE WEST. And I am not also sure how many days this has been out, but man did I love this. So feast your eyes on this amazing mash-up made by the master himself. Its Kanye West over, none other then, DAFT PUNK (p.s. if you went to the show last weekend, screw you). Its called "Stronger"

cheers. the official link is HERE

or you can watch it right now here:

p.s. sorry for the lack of posts. We've been hard at work on remodeling our shit.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

sorry about the lack of posts

i've been really busy since the portland trip, working 6 to 3 every morning all week, drinking, sleeping ...all that jazz. but posting should become a lot more regular by the end of the month. man man is dropping a new album, which i can feel deep down in the depths of my loins, is going to be the best album this year.

man man - engrish bwudd (no more mediamax.)

v-club just released their second online video; watch it it's free.

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